The Simple Approach to Self-Employed Home Ownership

If you are self-employed, own a business, or receive most of your income through a commission or bonus structure, you’ve probably been told it is difficult or even impossible to quality for a home loan. The sad truth is many loan officers and banks don’t know how to calculate your income, are scared of your tax return, or simply don’t want to invest the extra time to make your dream home a reality. At Premier Home Funding…we are an elite tier of mortgage professionals.

Your tax return is only a snapshot of your income and it doesn’t tell the whole story. With innovative documentation techniques, it’s possible to capture and convey a wide-angle view of your financial portfolio—dramatically increasing your income to secure a home loan. We are the industry experts at qualifying innovators like you and are invigorated by the challenge!

A Loan Strategy to Fit Your Financial Plan

You may have a keen understanding of your investments, assets, pay structure, and taxes. Or, you may strategize with a highly-qualified financial advisor or accountant to make your plans. We’re fluent in advanced financial principles, allowing us to be a true partner with you or your financial representative every step of the way. We bring industry expertise, cutting-edge loan programs, and relentless attention to detail alongside your unique short- and long-term goals. Adept advisement strategies will honor your hopes and plans for the future while utilizing your home as a powerful asset in your growing portfolio.

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